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Teacher's Strike Ends! Chiefs VS 49ers Superbowl w/Spongebob, Texas Border Crisis

Great news for the Newton community as the Newton teachers' strike has come to an end, bringing relief and optimism to students, parents, and educators alike. After days of negotiations, a significant breakthrough has been reached, with teachers securing a substantial 13% raise over the span of four years. This agreement not only acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Newton's dedicated teachers but also ensures their financial stability and recognition for their tireless efforts in shaping the future generation. With this resolution, the focus can now shift back to providing the best possible education for Newton's students, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment for all.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott's recent actions regarding border security have sparked controversy as he continues to defy federal authority. Despite a Supreme Court order favoring the removal of razor wire along the US-Mexico border, Abbott remains steadfast in his commitment to protect Texas from what he labels an "invasion." This defiance reflects a broader trend of Republican state officials challenging federal mandates, raising concerns about the balance of power between state and federal governments. Abbott's refusal to comply with federal directives underscores the complexity of immigration policy and the ongoing struggle for authority between state and federal entities.

Chiefs V. 49ers Superbowl

This year's Super Bowl promises a unique twist as SpongeBob and Patrick take the stage as hosts, accompanied by Dora and Boots who will provide explanations for the calls. With this kid-friendly version of the Super Bowl, families can enjoy the game together on Sunday, ensuring entertainment for fans of all ages.




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Tech CEOs Grilled in Senate Hearing Over Child Safety Concerns on Social Media
In a pivotal moment for digital accountability, CEOs of major social media companies faced a barrage of tough questions during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last Wednesday. The hearing, prompted by mounting concerns over the detrimental effects of social media on young users, spotlighted a range of issues from sexual predators to unrealistic beauty standards that children grapple with online. Parents who tragically lost children to suicide held up pictures of their loved ones ... Rest of story HERE
The greatest NFL coach of all time has left the New England Patriots. This isn't a retirement though as he will be going to coach for another team. As someone pointed out to me, since Brady left 5 years ago, there hasn't been as much success for the Patriots. This may be true, but the period for Bill Belichick to find another QB like Brady and train him to be that good is a lot longer than it takes for Brady to go into a team and start winning championships as he already has years and years of Belichick's training under the belt.
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Good Natured Comedy at the New Art Center-February 10th
Sat, Feb 10, 8:00 – 10:30 PM
Join us for a night of stand up comedy at the New Art Center! Get ready to laugh, have a few drinks, & enjoy the show! 
Fri, Feb 9, 7:30 – 10:30 PM
Taylor Swift Karaoke Night at Night Shift Everett! Get ready to shake it off and sing your heart out at Taylor Swift Karaoke Night! Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with the iconic hits
Sat, Feb 10, 1:00 – 2:30 PM
Aki Kaurismäki romantic comedy
LITTLE LUKE's CAFE - Comprehensive Review - Video Review Out Now!
So, picture this: it's a chilly Saturday morning, and my growling stomach led me to the welcoming doors of Little Luke's Cafe. This quaint spot might be small, but it's got enough seats to ensure you find a snug corner. Keep in mind, though, it can get pretty bustling, especially during peak hours. Now, let me walk you through my epic breakfast adventure.


I went all out and ordered a choc chip muffin, a Sausage Egg and Cheese on a croissant, and their infamous Train Wreck sandwich – a twist on the classic with an extra meaty surprise and a dollop of chipotle mayo. To wash it all down, I grabbed a medium Iced Coffee with a touch of milk and sugar.


Alright, let's get into the nitty-gritty. The Sausage Egg and Cheese stole the show for me, but I'll admit, I might be a bit biased – it's my all-time favorite. Despite the hype around the Train Wreck, the classic won my breakfast-loving heart. From the overall sandwich experience to the ease of devouring it, the Sausage Egg and Cheese took the crown.


Now, for the ratings, 'cause who doesn't love a good percentage system:


- Train Wreck: 77.9%

- Sausage Egg & Cheese: 84.2%

- Chocolate Chip Muffin: 81.2%

- Iced Coffee: 72.5%


But wait, there's more! After this delightful feast, I had a chat with the owner and dropped the bomb about my foodie escapades. Turns out, they were stoked to jump on board and sponsor the Inner Circle newsletter! And mind you, this endorsement comes from someone who's been frequenting Little Luke's since the days of the previous owners.


Long story short, if you're in
the mood for a quick and delicious homemade breakfast, give Little Luke's Cafe a shot. Trust me, you won't be disappointed – and hey, they're now proudly supporting the Inner Circle!

Check out the video review:

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The Holdovers REVIEW

By: Holden Kodish

(score at bottom)

The Holdovers is an interesting movie to be sure. From Alexander Payne, the same guy who did Downsizing, this movie stars Paul Giamatti as an ornery prep school teacher in the early ’70s, who slowly comes to care for the people around him, such as Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Dominic Sessa. Let’s just say, this movie isn’t bad. Not by a long shot. Nobody does a bad job or ruins the show. The camera work perfectly emulated the same style as those from the 1970s, and the outdoor and establishing shots invoke that look of New England winters. However, there’s nothing I would truly put as over-the-top and needing of any outstanding praise. Giamatti was good, and while I would be glad to see him win the Oscar for his performance, I wouldn’t be stunned if he was passed over again this year. Da’Vine played a Da’Vine-esque character. Very good, but I couldn’t see her outside of her great performance in People of Earth, so this may just be a “Me Problem”. Of special note is Dominic Sessa who, for a first-time teen actor, was able to carry his own amongst the other talented stars in the film. Also, Donovan Tate shows up for like 5 seconds at the end, and I only bring that up because he played Hercules in Disney’s Hercules, and I think it’s weird that he’s in anything else. That doesn’t have an impact on the review one way or another, however. Overall, while a good movie, it never hits a great movie. It’s just Dead Poet Society but with one kid instead of a class.


7/10 - Watch if you are in to that sort of thing.


The Acting and Comedy were for the most part, very good. Scenes never felt slow, or purposeless.

The Boston references are top-notch. Finally, others will know how to pronounce Worchester.

Best Episode was My Two Dads. Something about turning the bully into a friend always works for me.


Cons: Jokes can go on a bit too long

Characters are flat and one note, which can be a problem should the show continue 

Worst Episode: While none were, in my opinion, terrible, the Halloween episode definitely checking the run time every once in a while. 


Overall Score: 7.8/10


Most Expensive Ash Tray in the World.
I was going to get some souvenirs for my friends and family on a trip to Jamaica and there were locals in the resort selling some, so I walked over to them to check it out. This was right in front of my room so I saw them selling souvenirs and was very happy because I knew I’d forget to buy some for people unless it was right in front of my face, and there it was. The holy grail of bartering. A foreign souvenir seller. Little did I know, you should always expect the unexpected. 

I used to barter, I used to be frugal, but in that moment I let my guard down. I walk over, I start looking around, I pick a few items for my friends and family, I buy them in cash, all good, very nice little carvings and stuff. THEN, I see something I could use for myself. Something I could use on the trip, a wooden turtle ash tray. This thing was solid, heavy, a beast. I said how much, he showed me the screen where I could apple pay because I was now out of cash, and it said 200. I said oh sweet, that’s like 4 bucks in US dollars. I’ll take it. I apple paid and when I saw the notification on my phone, It said 10,000 pesos…

For a second a thought, oh well that isn’t that much more in dollars right? So I put it in my calculator, and it is 200 US dollars. . .

I got swindled harder than anything you’ve ever seen in your entire life.



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